Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Was it Serenity's fault???

The days of picking flowers and chasing your friends has suddenly come to an end. Your innocence stripped in one careless moment from strangers with guns who came shooting from the sky. You see the grown ups running everywhere... you see your mom, she's scared and laying on the floor covering the baby. You are scared too. You overhear a grown up say the men outside shot and killed someone.... its hard to hear, the babies are screaming... all your friends are crying. Their moms are trying to tell them its going to be okay, but you see the fear in their faces and you know that means its NOT ok. Terrified you crawl further over and you hear someone say his name. But you are so young, you don't understand what it all means.... how can grandpa be dead? You had just kissed him good morning before breakfast. This is a nightmare come to life. You look into your moms eyes and ask... why is this happening??? Why are the strangers killing everyone? Why are they telling everyone we are bad people? What did we do mommy... did we do something wrong... was this my fault?
Was it Serenity's fault?
Was it....any... of our faults?
Mommy.......grandpa will never hold me again... will he.

I'm scared...


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