Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A little good news...

Free Dick Simkanin: "Simkanin Appeal Update"

To: Show Me The Law

Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 9:06 AM

Subject: Update on Simkanin

On July 6, 2005, the oral arguments regarding Simkanin's Appeal were quite favorable. Each side had 15 minutes to present their case or facts. The government went first and proceeded to lambast Mr. Simkanin by calling him names such as anti-government, tax protestor, etc. The judges listened for about 8 to 9 minutes, then asked the D.C. prosecutor if they had any facts to present. The prosecutor simply said that the facts are what he was presenting. The judge told the prosecutor to sit down if that was all he had, which he did. Peter Goldberger then told the 3 judge panel that he would do his best to finish his presentation in the 15 minutes allotted to him. However, the panel allowed Peter to speak for 45 minutes. After Peter was through, the panel thanked him for doing an excellent job in preparation for the oral arguments, and not wasting the court's time. The Simkanin legal team came away from the hearing feeling they (the judges) will find in favor of Simkanin! Yipeeeeee!!!!!! We will all be waiting anxiously to find out if David Cay Johnston of the New York Times reports in Simkanin's favor the way he blasted Dick after the trial.

Through the grapevine there is another petition floating around among the Ft. Worth Attorneys to impeach Judge John Henry McBryde from the bench. If this petition hits the 5th Circuit before they make a decision in the Simkanin case, it should surely help in his favor. September 24th or before, is the time frame for results of a decision. They expect the court to reverse the felonies (2), but are not sure how they will handle the misdemeanor. Even if they confirm the misdemeanor, it will be time served and Simkanin will be out!!!!!!!!!!!!

So please keep the judges in your prayers that the Lord works through them for a favorable outcome!


Charlotte Smith

"When the boot of government is on your throat, it doesn't much matter if it is the left one or the right one." - Unknown

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

In the pursuit of safety..............

It's tootight around the equipment to be running," said Safety Director Jerry Graziose, the Broward County official who ordered the signs. "Our job was to try to control it."

How about swings or those hand-pulled merry-go-rounds?

"Nope. They've got moving parts. Moving parts on equipment is the number one cause of injury on the playgrounds."


"Nope. That's moving too."


"Well, I have to be careful about animals" turning them into litter boxes.

Cement crawl tubes?

"Vagrants. The longer they are, the higher possibility that a vagrant could stay in them. We have shorter ones now that are made out of plastic or fiberglass."

Broward playgrounds aren't the only ones to avoid equipment that most adults remember. Swings, merry-go-rounds, teeter-totters and other old standards are vanishing from schools and parks around the country, according to the National Program for Playground Safety.

"Kids aren't using them the way they're supposed to," said the agency's director, Donna Thompson, who led a national effort to get rid of animal swings two years ago. "I'm pleased that a lot of these are disappearing."
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A Peek at the Future...

Just a few things to consider...

The US is the largest consumer in the world. The US accomplishes this through borrowing, since we don't sell enough goods to maintain our expensive lifestyles. That debt is now reaching proportions which have never been seen in the history of man. Total US savings are at an all time low. If you owe more than you own, your net worth is negative. When the bills come due, if you can't pay, you will be bankrupt.

Joshua Fritch has an essay which describes the situation in pretty clear terms.

Just how bad is it? As of July 7, 2005 the public debt as reported by the government is $7,838,410,800,630.51.1 This does not include private debts such as mortgages, home equity loans, car loans, "personal" loans, credit card accounts, layaway plans or any other type of personal debt. Nor does this number include corporate debt, or even your state or local government debts - - it is purely a measure of how much debt the federal government alone has taken on. Considering that this total has increased by more than $242 billion in just the first 7 months of this calendar year, I think it is safe to assume we will crack $8 trillion by the end of the year. With a population of 300 million here in the United States, this means that every man, woman and child in the country owes approximately $26,600. You owe twenty-six thousand dollars. So does your spouse. If you are married with three children, your combined household debt, courtesy of runaway government officials, is about $133,000. But let's stick with $26,600 for now - - it's easier to wrap your head around. Let's say you owe $26,600 and there is no such thing as interest - - the amount owed remains static. If you decide to make payments of $100/month, it will take you roughly 22 years to pay it off. Even if you pour money on this debt at the rate of $1000/month, it will still take you more than two years to pay it off. Can you afford a $100/month increase on your taxes? How about $1000?

Perhaps you are thinking that this does not apply to you - - after all, you didn't spend the money, so why should you have to pay it back, right? Wrong. The government has spent this money in your name, and in the name of your children. The only source of income the government has is taxes - - therefore, if the government needs to pay a debt, it will raise your taxes. But hey, they'll only raise taxes for the rich, right? It still won't be enough - - the combined net worth of the 25 richest Americans as of September 24, 2004 was roughly $358 billion.2 This means that if the 25 richest people in the richest country in the world cashed in everything they own and donated it towards the federal debt, it would pay off 4.57% of what we owe.


I expect that you may be skeptical of this "doomsday scenario", but I assure you, the risks are quite real. In a world of interest-only mortgages, adjustable-rate loans and Wal-Mart Mania, it will not matter if you, personally, do not default on your debts. It will not matter if you, personally, have been fiscally responsible. Just like it only takes one bad driver to cause a 50-car pileup on the highway, the domino effect applies to our economy as well. The government and the vast majority of the United States population have been on a spending binge the likes of which the world has never seen. When the bill comes due, we all will pay. We will pay through higher taxes. We will pay because our neighbors walk away from their mortgages, causing a glut of unwanted real estate on the market leaving us unable to sell our own homes for even close to what we paid for them. We will pay for new social programs to assist the very people who caused this catastrophe when they wind up mired in bankruptcy. We will pay with the blood of our sons and daughters in the wars that always accompany the decline of an empire. We will pay.


Will you 'pass the buck' and wait for someone else to clean up the mess? Or will you step up and demand a stop to all of this madness by getting out of debt? That's all it takes, you know - - to bring an end to the fiat fiscal policies we live under...stop carrying debt. You don't need to convince the rest of the world to condemn the system, just stop participating in it yourself. Eliminate your debts to the credit card companies and the car financing corporations. Eliminate your debts to the mortgagor. Don't buy a new TV just because you can get it on credit with "no payments or interest for one full year!" - - save up the money and buy it. You do not need to "keep up with the Joneses", Mr. and Mrs. Jones are going to eventually suffocate under a mountain of debt - - do you really want to be one step ahead of them? Richard Russell once said there will soon be a new four letter word - - this word will be D-E-B-T.

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"Were we directed from Washington when to sow, and when to reap, we should soon want bread."
  • -- Thomas Jefferson, Autobiography, 1821

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


U.S. Court Of Appeals Soundly Rejects
IRS Plea To Soften Ruling In Schulz v IRS

On January 29, 2005, we reported under the headline, “Dramatic Development,” that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit had issued a decision in Schulz v. IRS. The Court held that taxpayers cannot be compelled by the IRS to turn over personal and private property to the IRS, absent a federal court order.

In our January report, we quoted from the decision,

...absent an effort to seek enforcement through a federal court, IRS summonses apply no force to taxpayers, and no consequence whatever can befall a taxpayer who refuses, ignores, or otherwise does not comply with an IRS summons until that summons is backed by a federal court order…[a taxpayer] cannot be held in contempt, arrested, detained, or otherwise punished for refusing to comply with the original IRS summons, no matter the taxpayer's reasons, or lack of reasons for so refusing.”

On March 9, 2005, we reported under the headline, “IRS: Gut Schulz v IRS. DOJ: Court’s Opinion Threatens Tax System,” that on behalf of its client, IRS, the DOJ had filed a motion with the Court, requesting that the Court amend its decision in Schulz.

We reported that the DOJ stated in its motion that, “...the Court's opinion threatens to seriously impede the effective administration and enforcement of the nation's tax laws.”

We reported that the DOJ chastised the Court for “creating a false impression,” and “misapprehending” and “misunderstanding” and “misstating” and being “inaccurate,” regarding the “consequences that flow from the issuance of an IRS summons.”

On June 29, 2005, the Court issued its much-anticipated decision regarding the government’s motion to amend the Court’s earlier ruling. With a firm reliance on the Court’s primary role of protecting the People’s individual, unalienable Right to Due Process guaranteed by the 5th and 14th Amendments, the court soundly rejected the government’s pleading.

Writing for the three-judge panel, Judge Straub wrote, in part:...



Friday, July 01, 2005

The State of Minnesota is Closed...

But, the territory is still open!!!

Poor bastards never had a chance, did they...eh?

"ST. PAUL, Minn. - Some state offices closed and about 9,000 state employees were jobless Friday after parts of Minnesota's government shut down for the first time in state history, leaving most rest stops closed for the Independence Day weekend."

Services that were closed included highway rest areas and the issuing of new driver's licenses. (David: hehehehe)

"We need to fix it today," said Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson, a Democrat. (David: this guy really has to go...)

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