Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Independent Americans...

" We demand no more than our just due, we will accept and be satisfied with
nothing less than we demand."
Independent Americans Mission Statement
We, as a nation, have failed in our responsibilities to maintain vigilance over
those who are supposed to be our elected and appointed servants. When the
UNITED STATES INC., with its corrupted corporate laws and those who have
participated in that corruption, stand in direct violation to the original
Constitution for the united states of America, then, to "we the people", is
returned the responsibility of upholding the Common Law and our Unalienable God
Given Rights including all guarantees given to each human being, as mandated by
the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.
If because of graft, corruption and the destruction of the Peoples Rights a
condition of anarchy arises, then under this condition judgement then
necessarily devolves, to "we the people", to judge those who have had any part
in destroying or undermining the original intent of our Founding Fathers as
explained in the Magna Charta, the Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of
Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution for the united states of
America and the other Constitutions of the 50 Republics as applicable. Further,
in order to give stature and stability to our new efforts, those who have
willingly sought to unlawfully gain advantage over the People and thereby
destroy the Unalienable, God given, Rights of Men, are to be indicted and
brought to stand before a Common Law tribunal to be judged of their crimes. The
Judicature movement extends the civil protection to the Militia, and the Militia
extends physical protection to following the precedence of the reestablishment
of common law rights and the proper establishment of Grand Assize/Grand Jury
Courts for the securing of the same, to include the recording and civil
recognition of Common Law Judgments rendered by the same. Until otherwise
provided for in a manner to secure our sacred rights the Militia Members or
other duly sworn public members may be utilized for the process of forming a
duly constituted Grand Jury and the Assize Court.
Following the True Course of Justice in seeing that transgressors and malfeasant
parties in the public service are dealt with accordingly, it thereafter becomes
incumbent upon "we the people" to act in true solemnity to restore the full
function of Common Law and Constitutional Order as the Law of the Land, to
thereafter secure the full reestablishment of our 50 de jure Republics once
again in their Sovereign Status, in order to fully secure all the Sovereign
Rights to the People.
In our efforts to preserve law, order and freedoms to the People, and to
designate to any and all future governments their necessity to act only in the
role of servant, while holding "we the people" with their Divine given Rights
and Freedoms, to be the governments' Master, in Perpetuity. To ensure this role
is maintained, it is important that Treason be recognized in its occurrence as
in any infringements against the People, our Laws, Our Rights and Our Freedoms;
and usurpers of these rights and liberties be swiftly dealt with according to
nature of their crime.
We are at a crossroad in time that the condition of a de facto government has
awakened those who have the spirit of Liberty and Freedom burning in their
hearts and are willing to pay the price for the reclaiming of our unalienable,
God given, rights. The need to replant the precious seeds of Liberty and
Freedom, for the sake of our posterity and generations to come, in a ground that
has been fertilized with the valiant blood of patriots, is upon us.
The Independent Americans are seeking to restore a lawful, de jure republic that
respects the Rights of Men, peacefully if we can forcibly if we must, to
supplant the current de facto illegal regime that is fraught with corruption on
the highest levels. It is our mission to re-establish the Common Law Principles
of the original Constitution for the united states of America through the Common
Law Judicature Reform Movement.


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